August Camera Winner Update

We are happy to announce that our August camera giveaway has come and gone and a lucky winner has been chosen! Randy Hall with Randy Hall Photography was chosen as our winner and decided that he wanted the Canon 5D Mark III as his grand prize.

Here is a small bio about Randy and and his photography journey:


Randy is a Vancouver Island photographer specializing in nature photography, whether it is capturing natural settings such as seascapes or forest landscapes or the plants and animals that inhabit this part of British Columbia.  He considers himself a landscape photographer first, but also an opportunistic wildlife photographer.

Randy says, “my photos are my interpretation of works by a true master… Mother Nature”.

Randy has developed a style that shows enhanced colours and contrast.  When many people think of contrast, they think colours and tones.  There can also be contrast in content.  An example of this can be seen in some of Randy’s early morning images of Parksville Bay.  Towering or threatening clouds can instill the feeling of unrest, while the calm waters of the bay say serenity. “It’s this type of scene, and the incorporation of weather, that interests me the most”.


Here are a few other fun facts about Randy:

The current equipment he uses is the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, 18-55mm lens, 55-250mm lens Tamron 24-70mm lens

Randy has work at the Oceanside Village Artists’ Gallery and Island Exposures Art Gallery both in Parksville


Randy’s reaction to winning the camera:

“I was in initial disbelief, followed by thinking about the learning curve, followed by excitement and wanting to see what I can do with a higher-end camera.  I’m not sure it’s really sunk in yet.”

Congrats to Randy! To learn more about our camera giveaway winner, visit Randy’s website at   

He is also on Facebook at and on Twitter at


Here are a few of our past winners:


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