2 Ways To Keep Everyone Relaxed During a Family Portrait Session

It is very special to be able to capture photos of a family together in a gorgeous portrait. Knowing that these photos will be showcased throughout their home and looked at for years to come is so meaningful and most likely a large reason you love doing what you do. You have photographed a time in this families life that they want to remember forever that shows the love and special bond that they share.

While at their portrait session, giving the family fun ways to pose and to best capture their personality and love can be difficult if you have some that hate to be photographed. The Posing Workflow For Family Portraits, a guide that is a collaboration between Nicole Speer Photography and BP4U, has some great tips from a professional photographer on how to keep your clients relaxed and happy during their portrait session. Today, we want to share 2 tips that come directly from the guide. 


1. Move Around

When you are doing posed shots, remember that people tend to be a little more stiff. Even though you want to get posed shots, it is good to try and get them family moving around, walking or even interacting with each other while you snap photos. Having them move around, talk to one another, walk hand in hand or even laughing together can help the shots be much more candid and will in turn look less stiff and planned. 

Photo credit: Nicole Speer Photography

Photo credit: Nicole Speer Photography

2. Keep Your Conversation Going

Talking to your clients are a good way to keep them distracted from the fact they are posing for photos. Tell a silly story that you know the children will love, or some fun jokes that you know. If everyone is enjoying the time, it will keep things looking more natural and will keep your clients relaxed. As you talk together, just be sure to keep snapping those photos, because you never know when you will get the most perfect shot. 

Photo credit: Nicole Speer Photography

Photo credit: Nicole Speer Photography


If you love the tips we have provided here, you have to purchase "Posing Workflow For Family Portraits" today! This guide is regularly $199.99, but right now you can get it at a 90% discount for only $19.99.  This is a 152-page guide along with 64 posing cards so you can take your tips on the go! 





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