3 Unique Places To Find High School Senior Clients

Taking portraits of upcoming high school seniors can be so rewarding. They are so happy for their senior year and all the excitement of what they have planned for their future awaits them. Pretty much every family wants their child to have senior portraits taken, so we know that it is a HUGE market for photographers. With that said, photography has become such a popular industry, that you really have to market yourself as best as you can to stand out among all the competition you have in your city. 

This guide "How To Get High School Senior Clients - Marketing Tell All" is the perfect eBook to give you all the tips and tricks you need to find great clients to help boost your business and stay on top of your competitors. So how do you find high school senior clients? One great way to find clients is by looking and marketing in places you may not have thought of (and that your competitors may not have thought of). 

Today, we are going to give you 3 unique places to find high school senior clients that you may not have thought about. These places come straight from this eBook... enjoy! 


1. Orthodontist Offices

Most of the patients that come to an orthodontist office are teenagers which makes it a great place to leave your marketing materials. Perhaps you have a flier you could leave for people to pick up with a business card that offers a $50 discount or a free print or some other type of deal. 

2.   School Programs

Any type of school program that is going on of course is a wonderful place to find clients. Perhaps it is at the school of one of your children, or if you just find out when local schools are having their sports events, chorus shows and more. It is a great place to have fliers handy to leave for people to pick up or just pass out and talk to people. You could even reach out to the school to see if you can buy an advertisement in the sports football program so every single person that picks up one over the season will see your company.

Photo credit:  SD Photographs

Photo credit: SD Photographs

3. Visit Recreation Centers or Leagues In Your City

Many cities or towns have their own recreation centers that city residents can join that has a gym, classes for children and adults, a pool, and more. Typically, these recreation centers are a much better deal than a gym and they are an excellent place to connect with local residents. These recreation centers also often have sports leagues for school age kids. It is a perfect idea to place fliers for your business at every recreation center or go pass them out at the recreation league sports games. 

These are 3 great places to find high school senior clients that you should be utilizing! This guide offers many more and so many other great tips! Learn where the best places to advertise are or who you should really reach out to when you are looking for students. It also includes sample emails, social media posts and even questionnaires that will come in handy. Get "How To Get High School Senior Clients" today for only $62.50! 




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