4 Tips To Taking Beautiful Winter Photos

Winter is here and the snow has started falling in many places around the world bringing chilly temperatures but beautiful winter landscapes. Just because there is snow does not mean that you can not get out and take amazing photos. There is nothing better than capturing the beauty and serenity of the snow. 

Today, we want to share 4 tips with you to help you take beautiful winter photos. So bundle up, grab your camera, head outside to build a snowman and take some awesome photography! 

1. Plan Ahead

During the winter months, the sun sets much earlier in the day so there is not as much daylight to photograph in. You want to make sure you plan ahead based on the location you are shooting in and the type of photo you are trying to get. If you will be up on a mountain and want to get the sunrise, make sure you know what time that is. Also, be sure to dress warmly. There is nothing worse than being outside trying to take that perfect shot and be too cold without a big coat, hat and gloves. Be sure to dress in layers so you can have as much warmth as you need.

The cold is also bad for your camera and battery as the cold weather eats up that battery faster than normal. Be sure to carry a spare along with you, perferrably wrapped up and kept in a warm bag.  

Photo credit: PhotographyLife.com

Photo credit: PhotographyLife.com

2. Play Around With Your Camera's Exposure

Snow is bright so it bounces light around and fills in spaces in photos that would typically be a shadow. But, the problem is that your camera will probably read all of that snow as light. When there’s too much light in an image, it underexposes the photo making it very dark. When you are photographing snow, you will want to experiment with adding more exposure, so be sure to play around until you find what you like and what looks best in the photos you have taken. 

3. Pay Attention To White Balance

Something else that can be challenging when taking photos of the snow is the white balance. White balance tells your camera what color temperature the scene is that you’re shooting in. Sometimes while shooting in the snow, you may get a blue hue. To keep your snow white in photos, experiment with your ‘Cloudy’ or ‘Shady’ white balance settings to see which one warms up the photo and works best in the exact lighting that you happen to be shooting in. 

Photo credit: northernlightsiceland.com

Photo credit: northernlightsiceland.com

4. Look For More Color

During the winter months, it is not very colorful. The green. colorful leaves are gone, there are no colorful flowers along the landscape and many times when it has been snowing, the sky is grey.  That can give you some pretty dull shots which of course is alright if you are trying to capture a great black and white photo. What you need to do is look for any little bit of color you can find and try and capture it - no matter how subtle it may be. Use the orange and pink of the sky during the sunrise or if you are photographing people in the snow, use the afternoon sun as it shines in their faces. 

If you plan to take photos in the snow, these tips are sure to help! Here are a few other photography tip posts you may enjoy: 

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