5 Holiday Photography Favorites

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year! From colorful decorated Christmas trees, twinkling white lights, and all of the excitement that we share during this special time of year, it really is a magical time that brings out the children in all of us! We hope that each one of you have a great holiday and take some amazing photographs (and of course be sure to share them all with us)!

Enjoy these 5 holiday photography favorites that we simply love! 

We love this gorgeous Christmas cottage in Grand Isle, Vermont. 

Photo credit: George Robinson via 500px.com

Photo credit: George Robinson via 500px.com

Who doesn't love seeing the excitement of Christmas through a child's eyes? Here are two kids reading a Christmas story together in front of their Christmas tree! 

The holidays are even a great time of year to say "I do!" This is such a fun idea for bride and groom photo at their Christmas wedding.

Photo credit:  SnapKnot.com

Photo credit: SnapKnot.com

Decorating the tree is the perfect time to capture some great photos of your family or friends. Here are some great tips on photographing Christmas lights that you may want to read! 

Photo credit:  Trains and Tutus

Photo credit: Trains and Tutus

We absolutely love this snowy holiday photo... and happy snowman and gorgeously decorated tree. 

Photo credit:  Christmas 4U

Photo credit: Christmas 4U


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