5 Tips To Improve Your Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer who has been shooting weddings for 25 years or you are an amateur photographer who is just starting off in the business, you must always keep learning and perfecting your craft. No matter what it is you do in life, you should always want to keep learning, and with technology changing today as quickly as it does, there is really always something new to learn. Whether you need to continue improving skills, want to know more about social media to help market your business, or you want to learn tips for programs like Photoshop, the possibilities of what you can improve upon are endless!  

Even though the business side of your photography is important, you would not have a business if it was not for the amazing work that you do. So, today we want to share with you 5 tips to improve your photography.

1. Don't Be Afraid To Snap Tons of Photos

In this digital age, you can really take as many photos as you want without worry. Do not be afraid to take LOTS! Take multiple shots of the same scene or same group of people you are shooting. You never know when one of those photos will stand out among all the others or that you have a few great shots to choose from. Another great reason to take multiple photos is that when you are shooting portraits, people tend to relax a little bit more after the first shot.

2. Utilize Natural Light Whenever You Can

Natural sunlight is always so beautiful in every photo and can add so much to it. Whether you are looking to capture a sun-kissed look, or you just want to use the natural light to help brighten up your photos, natural light is always best! 

Photo credit:  Julie Parker Photography

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3. Keep Conversation Going With Your Subjects

Let's face it... most people are not comfortable in front of a camera. Holding a specific pose and smiling while you are having your photo taken can be awkward. It is always a great idea to have conversation with your subjects that you are photographing to keep the atmosphere light and relaxed. Simply saying "Say Cheese!" when it is time for them to smile is typically a bit intimidating. Perhaps, try telling a funny story when it comes time for you to take the photos, or tell a good joke. The conversation is also great for you to get to know each and every client better which in turn will help you understand and photograph them better. Once you start doing this with each and every person you photograph, it will become second nature to you! 

4. Play Around With the Composition, Orientation and Angles

Even though it is easy to focus the subject of the photo right in the center of the frame, changing up the composition and angles can mix things up a bit. Try moving the subject to the side of the frame, so you can capture more of the background. Perhaps try and shoot someone from above or get on ground level and photograph them from below. You also want to change up the orientation of the photos. Take some that are vertical, others that are horizontal. Having a nice variety in your work is always wonderful. 

Photo credit:  Photography By Orlando

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5. Know Everything There is To Know About Your Camera and Equipment

It is important that you always know all the various things that your camera and other equipment can do for you. Study the manual that comes with your camera, or do some research online if there is a button you are not sure of. It is also good to know why common problems happen as well as the best ways to clean your equipment. 


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