7 Tips To Stay Inspired In Your Photography

Let's face it....sometimes it is hard to stay inspired in life. Even if you are so passionate about photography, with the craziness of life and how busy it can be, staying inspired can be tough. Some of you reading this may have your own photography business that you do full-time. Others may have a business but have to work another full-time job at the same time. And then there are some that simply love taking photos and do it as a hobby. Whatever category you fall into, do you ever find yourself feeling uninspired?

Here is a video we saw by Eric Kim, a photography teacher currently located in Berkley, California, where he provides some great tips to help yourself stay inspired in your photography. We thought these tips may help you find that inspiration you need to get back to capturing all the amazing photos that you love! 

You can read a little more on each tip on Eric Kim's blog. His mission is to produce as much "open source photography" as he can. You can read more about him and his work and check out his blog at www.erickimphotography.com

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