9 Places In Australia That Are The Perfect Photo Spot

You never know the amazing photography that you can capture while traveling around the world. Whether you are near the gorgeous blue oceans, walking through the hot desert, exploring the native culture of a city or even through a beautiful field of greenery and flowers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to travel photography.

To prove that point, here are 9 places in Australia that are the perfect photo spot for anyone traveling and wanting to capture some amazing photography. With beautiful, bright colors, clear blue water and great city landscapes, you will surely find some great photo spots here.  

We hope you enjoy these photos that we found on Mashable

1. Lucky Bay, Western Australia

Photo credit:  Tom Rex Jessett

Photo credit: Tom Rex Jessett

2. Centre Place, Melbourne

Photo credit:  Jamie Alexander

Photo credit: Jamie Alexander

3. Allora, Queensland 

Photo credit:  Gareth Mcguigan

Photo credit: Gareth Mcguigan

4. Mrs Macquarie's Point, Sydney

Photo credit:  Mitch Green  

Photo credit: Mitch Green 

5. Liffey Point, Tasmania

Photo credit:  Paul Fleming

Photo credit: Paul Fleming

6. Honour Avenue, Macedon

7. Cape du Couedic Lighthouse, Kangaroo Island

Photo credit:  Melissa Celestine Koh

Photo credit: Melissa Celestine Koh

8. Sugar Pine Forest, Laurel Hill, New South Wales

Photo credit:  Mitch Green

Photo credit: Mitch Green

9. Mount Gillen, Alice Springs­­­

Photo credit:  Andrew Northover

Photo credit: Andrew Northover

To see more detail about each of these 9 locations in Australia, check out the original article on Mashable.  If you loved these great places in Australia, here are a few other photos you would enjoy: 

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