Awesome Photos From a Man and His Dog and Their Cross Country Trip

As a photographer, you can explore this amazing world of ours and capture so many amazing shots along the way. Just last week we gave some great tips for taking photos when you are traveling. This week we want to showcase some photos from a man who was doing just that. 

Dwayne Parton decided to move into his truck with his dog and drive to Alaska. He talks about his cross country trip and showcased some amazing photos on this article he submitted to Bored Panda. The landscape shots are so great and we wanted to show them to you all today. We hope you enjoy! 

Be sure to see more of Dwayne Parton work and his travels, visit his website at

We just love the beautiful sky that Dwayne captured in his photos during his cross country trip. Have you ever hoped to have a gorgeous sky for your photo shoot day but it was cloudy or overcast for you instead? If you would love to add beautiful clouds and sunshine to your photos you have to check out these Pretty Sky Overlays by Jamie Dalton Photography! It just may be the touch you need to brighten up those photos. 


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