Crazy Cat Lover Photos

Let's face it, cat lovers love the thought of having dozens of cats running around their home. So why not capture that thought in a photo?

We found this article on Mashable where Andréanne Lupien, a Montreal-based photographer, showcases her Crazy Cat Lovers photography series. She uses photoshop to duplicate the cat owner with their furry friend multiple times over. Some owners really did have up to six cats crawling up the walls and furniture for the shoot. 

"It was a great adventure ... Every picture had its own essence and energy, its own universe. It was like visiting a person's unique world," she said.

She had inspiration for the series because of her own personal love of felines. "I had fun taking pictures of myself with my cat, putting it around me in the room so that the final picture would result in my cat being multiple times in the photography doing multiple actions," she said to Mashable.

To see more of Lupien's photography, click here click here to view her website and enjoy her series below!


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