Here Are 6 Reasons Why A Travel Photographer Needs A Tripod

A tripod can be a pain for a photographer. They are heavy and can be a pain to carry around with you - especially if you are going on a long hike or exploring during your travels. Even though they can be somewhat annoying, it is a very important piece of equipment for a travel or landscape photographer.

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Here are 6 reasons why a travel photographer needs a tripod:

1. A tripod allows you to photograph at dawn and dusk. 

Dawn and dusk typically offers awesome light, and this soft light can give a beautiful look to your photographs. Due to the low light conditions, you will not be able to hold the camera with your hands so in order to capture sharp images, and to avoid that pesky camera shake, you need to use a tripod. 

2. A tripod allows you to photograph at night. 

Taking photos at night without a tripod is pretty impossible. You really can not achieve a fast enough shutter speed just by raising your ISO - your photo will just not be sharp enough or have an acceptable level of noise for professional or personal use. 

3. A tripod allows for artistic vision. 

No matter what time of day it is, you may always find yourself wishing you had your tripod with you. If you are trying to photograph a body of water, waterfall or even just a fountain, and you want to be sure to capture the smooth look of the water, you will need to use neutral density filters which means you are limiting the amount of light that enters the camera. In turn, you will need to use a slower shutter speed and a tripod is always great to have on hand when using that speed! 

4. A tripod can help you capture unique angles. 

One of the best advantages of using a tripod is that it allows you to take photos at interesting angles and shoot from positions that you may not be able to otherwise. 

5. A tripod can help you take better photos. 

Another awesome thing about using a tripod is that you do not have to be constantly connected to your camera by having to always hold it. You can use your mobility to look more closely at the scene you are trying to shoot which in turn can make for some really amazing photos. 

6. A tripod helps to support a flash. 

Every once in awhile you will need to use your flash at a different position to the usual one mounted to the top of your camera. In these situations, a tripod is so essential to hold your flash in position. 

This article was originally found on Digital Photography School

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