Are You Utilizing The Milestones Parents Want To Have Photographed?

Parents wants to document specific times in their children's lives. For example, when a baby is born, many choose to do a newborn session but then forget to do other sessions to document their growth throughout the first year and onward. 

So think about this... why not cash in on those milestones more than you probably are doing right now? If you know with each newborn session you do, you will also get to photograph them for their 3, 6, 8 or 12 month photos and each year after that, you know you have that repeat client.

The Shooting The Milestones Course is a video and E-workbook from Amy Cook Photography and BP4U that will help you figure out how to incorporate milestones into your packages to better help your business. 

According to this guide, many photographers take newborn or 1 year old photos but tend to shy away from doing milestones in between because there is not as much inspiration and ways to make the photos unique and the sessions less redundant. You are truly missing out on so much! 


Ask yourself why are you missing out on these important milestones for your business. What is something you can offer so you can both make sure your business is benefiting and you are keeping your clients happy? We wanted to share an idea with you that comes straight from Shooting The Milestones. 

Photo credit: Amy Cook Photography

Photo credit: Amy Cook Photography

Create 'First Year' Packages

Just like Amy Cook Photography mentions in this guide, creating packages around a baby's milestones gets the parents thinking and planning ahead. Some people may want to capture photos every 3 months, since a baby grows so drastically in the first year. For these people, have a package that offers a session for newborn, 3, 6, 9 months and 1 year birthday photos. 

Some people do not need or want that many photo sessions, so create a few other packages where the parents can choose 3 out of the 5 milestones so they can pick which they prefer. 


Amy Cook lays out her exact packages and what are offered in this guide, along with tips on whether you want to shoot in the studio or outdoors, what props you should use, what types of backgrounds are best, pose ideas, dealing with fussy babies and so much more!  If you are interested in cashing in on these important milestones, you need to purchase this guide today! 






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