October Camera Winner Update

Another camera giveaway has come and gone and we are very happy to announce that Michael with Michael J. Photography & Design is the lucky winner from October!

And what a great story he has. When we first reached out to Michael as our winner this is what he had to say: “I cannot believe I have won. You have no idea how happy I am that I am almost in tears. I’m an event and music photographer for a local magazine and recently lost my camera in a flash flood in Tennessee while sleeping in a tent at a music concert I was shooting. Thank you so much!! I can’t express how happy I am to be able to continue on with my passion.”

Michael decided that he wanted the Canon 5D Mark III as his grand prize and we want to introduce you to Michael and tell you a little about himself, his company and how he got into photography.

When did you get your first camera?

“My first camera was an old 35mm Canon film camera I borrowed for a photography class I was in. Even today I still enjoy shooting film.”

What made you want to start doing photography?

“I was a Video Game artist for 20 years and got very burned out I so I ended up going back to school and discovered that I had a new creative passion for photography.”

Tell us a little bit about your journey since beginning your business?

“When I decided on my new career path as a photographer it was a long journey with tons of free shooting. I took portraits and even photographed many events downtown to build up my portfolio. A local magazine would print my work and that allowed me to be able to gain respect for my craft.”

What is your most favorite thing you like to photograph?

“I love to change things up and shoot a little of everything. I enjoy creative fashion and glamour shooting and sports photography but my favorite thing to shoot is live music.  There is nothing like catching that awesome music moment.”


Tell us about the best photography session you have ever had?  

“There have been so many. I would have to say my top two would have to be a tie between shooting George Lucas at our American Graffiti event or getting to be in the photo pit during a Tom Petty concert.”


How is winning this camera going to help you and/or your business?

“It will help Michael J. Photography & Design to stay in business. My camera got washed away in a flash flood in Tennessee while shooting a Muddy Roots concert. It had taken me years to buy it. My back up camera that I have been using since is a old dinosaur and the quality of my photos have fallen, especially when I am shooting concerts.”


What made you choose the Canon camera?

“I have alway used Cannon products and so has my family.”


Here’s what Michael told us when the camera was delivered:

“I got the camera yesterday..I think I scared the UPS driver when I heard the truck pull up, I swung open the door and caught him off guard and surprised him. I told him Santa came in a brown truck this year. Thank you again, btw I hate being in front of the camera.”


Congrats to Michael! We are so happy that winning has given you the opportunity to continue your photography business. To learn more about our camera giveaway winner, visit Michael’s website at http://michaeljdesigns.wix.com/michaeljdesigns.


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