Photo Of The Week

Today's photo of the week was taken by Keegan Meenagh, a freelance videographer and photographer in Norman, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City.  

Here is what Keegan has to say about the photo: "Every April we have the Norman Music Festival, where hundreds of bands from across the state come and play down on Main Street at bars and on stages outside. I took about 3000 photos over 3 days and this picture is my favorite. This is a photo of my friend Parker Rhea right before his band, NoiseBleedsSound, performed.  If you look closely, you can see me in one of his eyeballs.  It's my favorite photo that I've taken."

To see more of Keegan's work, visit his Facebook page and on Instagram @rockandrollkeeg

We Want To Feature Your Work!

Do you have some really amazing photos you have taken recently or some of your past work that you simply love? We want to see! Each Tuesday, we will be featuring a "photo of the week" right here on the Camera Giveaways blog. We are looking for anything from amazing landscape photos, a gorgeous wedding or engagement shot, sports or animal photography, an awesome fashion photo...whatever you want to share, we would love to see!

Email your photos to with the subject "CG Blog Photo Submission" for consideration. In your email be sure to include a description of your photo, your name and company name as well as website and social media links. Please... no watermarks! If this information is not included, your photo will not be included.