Photo Of The Week

Today's photo of the week is of a water droplet falling into water that was taken by Brandon Smith

Here is a description of the photo from Brandon: "This was shot with a high shutter speed to capture the droplet in the water. Due to the high shutter speed and strobes only allowing a max speed of 1/250ith of a second, I used constant lights. I set up with blue gelled lights pointing at the plastic container with the water. In addition to lighting from the sides, I also lit the scene from below using a table light. Blue food colouring was added because I was not quite happy with the colour. I placed a nail in the water where I was going to have the water droplet fall and set for manual focus. The shot took a total of about 4 hours to capture. This was shot with the Nikon D800 and the Sigma Art Series 50mm Lens."

Brandon Smith.jpg

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