6 Reasons That Show You Are Ready To Start Booking Weddings

The wedding industry is HUGE! We all know it. And out of all the hundreds of weddings that take place every weekend, most of those bride and grooms need a wedding photographer to help them capture one of the most special days of their life. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to start booking weddings? 

We found this great article on FStoppers that we just had to share. If you think you are ready to break into the booming wedding photography industry, here are a few things you must be ready for. 

1. Do you have the right equipment?

Even though you do not need the most expensive Canon or Nikon camera out there to be an amazing photographer, when you are shooting weddings, having the appropriate gear is important. Having backups of everything is also important. Keep in mind that when you are photographing a wedding, you only get that one shot. It is much different than if you were out taking a photo of a beautiful landscape....that landscape will still be there tomorrow, but that wedding will be over and done with. 

Make sure you have a reliable camera. It would be horrible if your shutter fails right when the bride is about to walk down the isle and you do not have a backup. 

Many wedding ceremonies and receptions are also set in pretty low lighting, so make sure you have a combination of fast lenses and a body that can handle 6,400 ISO, paired with the use of a speedlight to make sure you are able to capture each shot beautifully.

2. Do you have enough memory?

Even though we all love technology, it can fail, or get lost, or ruin. Having the images from a wedding stored in a few places, so that you can be sure if you lose one, you know you have other copies of the amazing wedding photos you just spent the entire day taking. 

3. Do you know exactly how your tools perform?

A wedding can bring a large amount of different situations along with it, and you and your tools have to be able to perform in each of those many situations - no matter how bad they may be. Situations arise quickly and you have to be able to act right away, in that moment. Even though you do not have to get the correct exposure the first time around, you must be close and be able to adjust the settings quickly to capture the shot the way you want to do before that specific moment is over. Also, knowing how your light is going to bounce off the wall and ceiling and light your subject is so important. 

4. Are you able to adapt quickly?

Everyone knows that a wedding is so unpredictable and being a wedding photographer, you have to be able to adapt to whatever is going on. At some points, you will have to be able to stand in the background, discreetly, capturing special moments. You also have to be able to lead the group and direct every single person in the wedding party and immediate family when you are trying to capture group photos. All of this can be very difficult with many different personalities involved, the weather, or even because of an uncooperative family member who may (or may not) have had too much to drink.  

5. Are you physically able to sustain the day?

Standing for 8 to 10 hours straight while chasing around a bride and groom with 5 pounds of equipment around your neck can be trying on the body. Even though you do not need to run marathons to be a great wedding photographer, you will have an easier time if you have a strong core to support you. Also, making sure you fuel your body with a few power foods you pack and bring with you so you can make sure you keep up your energy so you can stay focused for the entire event. 

6. Have you worked with another photographer shooting a wedding?

Taking family portraits or doing senior or newborn sessions is nothing like the amount of time you will spend shooting a wedding. The amount of time that is spent on a wedding compared to other portrait sessions is so much different. It is important that you second shoot or assisting for a seasoned wedding photographer before you begin shooting on your own so you really know what the entire wedding day entails.  

Be sure to read the full article on FStoppers

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