7 Reasons Why Photographers Should Use Amazon Cloud

Are you in a need of a better space where you can house all of your thousands and thousands of digital photos and content? As a photographer, you work with TONS of files and it can be hard keeping track of every one and keeping them in a safe and secure place, that you can access anywhere, anytime. Amazon Cloud can solve your problems with the Amazon Cloud Drive! 

So what are some of the reasons we think Amazon Cloud is pretty great? Read below for a list of great benefits the system offers. 

1. Unlimited photo space if you are an Amazon Prime member. 

That is right. If you already have Amazon Prime, you get unlimited space for your photos on your Amazon Cloud Drive. Pretty nice, right? Are you not already a Prime member but want to join? Just simply sign up for your one-year Amazon Prime account here

2. You save it once but can see it anywhere! 

You can download every photo you have ever taken - think way back when you first started out. Save them in all on the Amazon Cloud Drive and then you can have access to them everywhere. 

3. It's secure. 

It's Amazon, and they have some great security features that will keep all of your content safe. 

4. You get extra storage for your phone. 

Even though you take so, so many photos with your favorite camera, whether it be a Canon, Nikon, or any of your choice, you have storage space for those files. But, no matter who you are, there comes a time when you have to snap a photo with your phone, whether you are at a family holiday dinner or just out and about without your camera handy. No problem, there is extra storage space for your phone photos as well.

5. It's easy to find the files you need. 

No matter how many thousands of photos you have in your Amazon Cloud Drive, they are laid out in a sleek timeline in the mobile app makes it simple to find the exact photo you are looking for, even when you are on the go. 

6. You get automatic photo backup. 

You can use the Auto-Save feature in their free mobile app and your photos will be saved automatically, whether they are from your phone, computer or tablet. 

7. Use your existing Amazon account. 

We know it is so hard now-a-days to remember all the thousands of different passwords and logins you need to know for the various programs you use. No problem here. Just sign in with your existing Amazon account and your files are connected to that.  

These 7 benefits are really great and a perfect option if you are in need of a great, secure and easy location to store all of your photos. As a photographer, you need that ease of being able to see your photos at a moments notice, so check it out more about the Amazon Cloud Drive here. And remember, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get unlimited space. 

So, what's the cost?

If you are an Amazon Prime member and are good with the unlimited photo space, great. But if you are not a member, or you are and know that you also need space for videos and other files, these yearly prices are reasonable for any business. 

  • For $11.99 per year, you can have unlimited photo storage space, plus up to 5 GB for videos and files. 
  • For $59.99 per year, you can have unlimited everything.  

Do you already use Amazon Cloud Drive? We would love to hear your thoughts below!