Keith Loutit

It Took A Million Photos And 3 Years To Create This Timelapse

Photographer Keith Loutit has created incredible tilt-shift timelapse work in the past but his newest creation, Lion City II, is totally different.

It took 500 days of shooting over the course of three years to make this timelapse. According to PetaPixel, the film reveals Singapore as the living organism that it is - breathing in and out, building and demolishing, always evolving, never still.

Take a few minutes to check out Keith Loutit's awesome work below! Enjoy! 

Loutit shot the timelapse using two Nikon D4 cameras with old Nikon AIS and AI lenses that he modifies himself to better serve his own need.

Of the almost 1 million images he captured for the project, only 25% were used in the final production but he still ended up going a minute and a half longer than he had originally planned. In total, Loutit captured and backed up 10 terabytes of footage! Pretty amazing. 

Be sure to check out Loutit’s website and follow him on Facebook for more details about him and his work.

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