Simon Taylor

Animated Short Film on Taking Pictures

We found the great animated short film called "Taking Pictures" that was created by Simon Taylor and we just had to share.

Taylor is an animator and photography enthusiast. His short film is a story about two little photographers who are taking photos in the park and meet up. A lovely story about their shared love of photography. 


We are not biased or anything, but there really is something pretty wonderful about taking the most perfect photographs and capturing beauty. You may simply love taking pictures at a park as a hobby. You may be a wedding photographer photographing a bride and groom's first day of their new life together. Or, just maybe your passion is taking photos of newborn babies or a teenager's senior photos as they are excitedly getting ready to graduate from High School. Whatever your passion, there is something amazing about those moments that are frozen in time.

Like these two in the video, all of us photographers are in this together... taking pictures is a wonderful thing! 

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