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4 Easy Tips To Avoid Blurry Photos

No matter what type of photography you do, you do not want to have blurry photos. Today, we wanted to provide you with 4 ways you can be sure to avoid and eliminate camera shake and capture clear photos. 

1. Watch The Shutter Speed

Shutter speed dictates how long the camera's imaging sensor is exposed to light in order to record a picture. So, if there is not much light available, the exposure will take longer and increases your risk for a blurry photo. Times this could be an issue is when you are shooting a sunset or taking photos indoors. 

With that said, it is hard to keep your hand totally still for the amount of time needed for the exposure. To minimize the risk of the blurred photos, make sure you think about the focal length of the lens when working out what your safe speed is when holding your camera on your own. Shorter lenses are most of the time easier to hold steady than a longer lens. Make sure the shutter speed does not drop below the effective focal length of the lens. 

2. Aperture and ISO

A larger aperture will provide a faster shutter speed than a smaller aperture. Keep in mind that larger apertures offer less depth of field, but it is typically worth the sacrifice to remove the risk of camera shake. 

If you can not go for a larger aperture, increase the ISO so that you get a faster shutter speed. Set the ISO to Auto and the camera will automatically adjust the ISO for sharp results. 

3. Increase The Number Of Frames You Take

If you shoot a number of frames in a quick succession, you will increase your chances of taking a sharp picture. Just be sure that the camera is set in continuous drive mode when shooting handheld, even if the subject you are shooting is not moving.

4. Practice Sharper Handholding

 Of course making sure the way you hold and set your camera is also very important for making sure you get clear photos. First, make sure you set the lens correctly if you have it on the tripod. Also, a great way to increase your stability with the camera is to loop the camera strap around your right or left arm and pull it taut. Also, be sure to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your elbows in towards your body, which will help keep you more stable. 

Depending on where and what you are shooting, you may also be able to find an object to lean up against to brace yourself. 

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