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6 Great Books About Photography

No matter your age, you never want to stop learning and perfecting your craft. Whether you are an amateur photographer still learning the ins and outs or you have been a professional photographer for twenty years, the industry is always changing and there are always new things to learn. Books will always be a great way to learn so today, we wanted to give you a list of a few great books about photography that we hope you will love. 

Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital Photos

Jim Zuckerman, a photographer known for his vivid, surreal images, provides a lifetime's worth of tricks and techniques for taking photos that will have a WOW factor. 

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Road To Seeing

Dan Winters has received more than 100 awards during his photography career and in this book, he shares his journey to becoming a photographer, as well as key moments in his career that have influenced and informed the decisions he has made and the path he has taken. In Dan's book, he helps the reader forge their own "Road To Seeing."

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Understanding Exposure, 3rd Ed: How To Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

This new edition is updated with current technologies, more than 100 new images and an all-new chapter - all that will inspire you to free yourself from "auto" and create the pictures you truly want. 

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Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories

Written by acclaimed professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson will teach you how to take memorable photos and will show you how to start a wedding photography business. It will help you set up efficient workflows, choose camera equipment, manipulate images, make impressive presentations and launch smart, photo-based marketing strategies to build your business. 

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Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field

By George Lepp, one of today's top nature photographers, comes a very personal book that mixes engaging storytelling with technical know-how. He and his wife describes their exciting and terrifying adventures behind their favorite wildlife images. 

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VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

Do you want to enter the world of vocational photography, staying true to your craft and vision, while fusing that craft with commerce VisionMongers is a great place to begin your journey. 

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