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A Photographer's Collection of Vintage Cameras

Cameras have really grown and upgraded over the years since they were first created. A UK-based photographer named Marco Marques own an impressive collection of about 50 vintage cameras that he displays in his office. He had a custom shelving unit made to display all of the amazing cameras on the wall. These photos, which we originally saw on PetaPixel, will show you this photographer's collection of vintage cameras which we find pretty amazing! 

Marques told PetaPixel, "It was my mum who got me into collecting vintage cameras. She knew my love for photography and one Christmas she bought me my first vintage camera, and Agilux agiflash, and this is where it began."


Marques estimates that he has spend about £300 over the years in buying his cameras, mostly from car boot sales and garage sales. 

Pretty amazing, huh? Interested in the different cameras of the past? Check out this blog post to see a great infographic on the history of the photographic camera

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