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Cleaning Your Camera: How to Properly Clean Your DSLR Sensor and Mirror

We all love our cameras. As photographers, we cherish our camera and all the awesome features it offers us. But we need to make sure we take care of our equipment to keep it running perfectly while we are out taking great shots.

Think about this... you come home after a photo shoot where you have captured so many stunning photographs only to see spots on your photos. When those pesky dust spots get magnified it can ruin a photograph. Cleaning your sensor and mirror can help with this. 

How often do you clean your camera? It really depends on you. If you are out taking photos every single day and you switch the lens regularly, you may want to do it once a month. You also want to consider where you shoot your photographs... if you are a landscape photographer who is outdoors, your camera will be picking up more dust and dirt than someone who only takes photos in a studio.

Here is a quick video we found that shows you how to clean your DSLR sensor and mirror. 

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