Petition Started By Disabled Photographer Hoping To Inspire Canon To Create A Left-Handed Camera

Throughout history, most cameras have been designed to be used by right-handed photographers. All the necessary buttons and controls are on the right side, especially in DSLRs, making it more difficult for someone left-handed to use them.

Sylvia Cacciatore

Sylvia Cacciatore

Sylvia Cacciatore, an aspiring photographer based out of Florida, wants to change that and is currently petitioning Canon to consider developing a camera that’s designed specifically for left-handed people.


She suffered from a traumatic birth that resulted in the paralysis of her right arm, and she has what's called Brachial Plexus Palsy.  Her right arm never fully developed and she isonly able to use her left arm.  Sylvia said, ”I have always loved photography and used to own a little point and shoot that I used to carry with me all the time, but it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I wanted to start taking it seriously.”


Sylvia currently uses a Rebel T3i but she wants to continue her passion for photography, and feels like she is ready to upgrade to a more professional camera.  “I am interested in the Cannon 5D Mark III but at the store, I realized right away that it was much larger and heavier than my T3i. I tried it out at the store and it was much more difficult to handle but the clarity of the photos were beautiful and I fell in love right there.”  


She decided to contact Canon and explain to them what she experienced with her Rebel. She also told them how she wants to pursue photography professionally and wants to upgrade to the 5D Mark III and brought up the concerns she had without having a left-handed camera.


What they responded with surprised Sylvia. “They responded saying that they don't have intentions of producing a line of left-handed cameras and suggested that I look into their Power Shot line instead.  I was taken aback and offended by their suggestion because it was a suggestion to downgrade and I felt like everything I said went unheard.  I understand that Canon was, in their way, trying to make a helpful suggestion, but it made me realize that many people with disabilities are overlooked by businesses when they address their concerns.”  


In response, Cacciatore has started a petition on to try and gain public support for a left-handed camera. “So far, I have received so much support from people all over the world.  Many people have shared their stories and either have a disability similar to mine as well as those people who are naturally left-handed. All of this support has inspired me to not give up hope and that a left-handed camera certainly can be made!  I'm not asking Canon to make a camera specifically for me; I'm hoping Canon will realize that there is a need for left-handed cameras and how much this will help their customers with limited abilities enjoy photography even more.”  


We support Sylvia 100% and wanted to help her get her story out there. If you would like to sign her petition for a left-handed camera, visit her petition on here. Comment below with your thoughts.


YOU can make a difference!