conceptual street photography

Conceptual Street Photography By Izaac Enciso

Izaac Enciso, a Mexican-born and LA-based photographer, has a book called 'Symbols' that blends contemporary street photography with found objects and intervention. Enciso's process involves creating a "mind map" of things he wants to photograph before going out and exploring familiar environments with his camera. On the street and in the moment, he's not afraid to intervene to create an image that looks both recognizable and otherworldly. 'Symbols' is a powerful collection that shows how much space there is to do something exciting and new...even in the crowded realm of street photography.

 His photos are very unique and we want to share some of his work with you today. 

VICE talked with Enciso to get a better idea of his process and how he approaches his work, so be sure to check it out if you want to read his interview. 


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