controlling light with grids

How To Control Light With Grids

Artificial lighting can be a bit nerve-wracking when you first use it; there are a range of modifiers, setups, and techniques to learn that can be daunting. This great video from David Bergman at Adorama TV that we saw in this article in Fstoppers, is a great introduction to grids. It will introduce you to grids and explain how they're used in artificial lighting scenarios and the reasons behind using them as well. Enjoy!

As it mentions on FStoppers, the problem with a lot of modifiers, particularly bigger ones that cast a softer light, is that they tend to throw light everywhere, and it may spill places you'd rather not have it. The grid comes in handy because you can put over the front of the modifier, so a nice, soft light comes out in front but it is limited on the sides. This is especially handy when you're working with multiple lights and need to precisely control where each one falls. As Bergman mentions, this also frees you to light the background however you please. 

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