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4 Tips To Photographing An Amazing First Look Wedding Shoot

A first look between a bride and groom is such a special time. It allows them time together to see each other alone one last time before they say "I do" while their wedding photographer captures amazing photos of the precious moments they share.

We just love the couple in the two photos below taken by Abbey Kyhl Photography. The first look before their stylish Utah wedding was so romantic and the groom had the best reaction to seeing his beautiful bride all ready for their wedding ceremony. 

Photo credit: Abbey Kyhl

Photo credit: Abbey Kyhl

You can see more from this awesome first look session here. If you are a wedding photographer, you can capture amazing first look photos of your couples as well.  

Today we want to share 4 tips that will help you photograph an amazing first look wedding shoot. 

1. Find a quiet and romantic location.

If your bride and groom choose to do a first look, you want to be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of their upcoming wedding as to not distract them. Even though it is an awesome photo opportunity, it is mainly for the two of them to spend quiet, quality time together before they exchange marriage vows. Make sure the location is away from venue or other wedding staff, guests arriving and even other bridesmaids and groomsmen. This time is meant just for them, and if you find a location like that, your photos will reflect that special and romantic time perfectly! 

2. Prep the bride and groom on what will happen.

Be sure to prep both the bride and groom before they see each other. Let the bride know that she will walk up to her groom and he will have a blindfold on, or she can walk up from behind him or whatever really she decides. Tell the groom what to expect as well and it is always good to let them know what side you will be standing on to see their expression; however, keep in mind that you will be moving around to be sure to get every angle and the best shots possible. 

Photo credit: Abbey Kyhl

Photo credit: Abbey Kyhl

3. Let the bride and groom do their thing.

After you prep them both, remember that the first look is their moment. Let it happen naturally. Do not direct them like a movie script because that will make it seem all about the photos and not about the actual moment they are sharing. Of course, the photos are important, but you have to be able to capture them on your own while they are talking and be natural with one another. If it is scripted, it will come across that way in the photos.  

4. The moment happens quickly so you must work quickly. 

A first look happens fast. The bride walks up to the groom, the see each other for the first time with amazing expressions, possibly shed a tear or two, laugh or even talk intimately with one another... it really depends on the couple. Whatever they do, it happens fast and you have to make sure to work quickly because you will not be able to replicate the natural expressions they have when they first see each other. It may even be beneficial to have a second shooter with you to make sure you can get photos from every angle and not miss anything.  


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