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7 Tips For Wedding Party Photos

If you photograph weddings, you will be focusing a lot on the bride and groom but you also have to be a master at shooting wedding party group photos. Today, we wanted to share this 9-minute video from Shutterbug Magazine where veteran photographer Denis Reggie will give you 7 tips for taking group photos at weddings. 

Photo credit: Capio Lux via  SnapKnot

Photo credit: Capio Lux via SnapKnot

Watch the video below to find out tips to make sure you are taking the best wedding party group shots that you can! Those photos are ones that the bride and groom will remember forever, so you want to make sure each one captures the personalities, love and wedding day perfectly. We hope you enjoy this video. 

Here’s an overview of what Reggie teaches in the video. Be sure to watch so you can see actual examples of what he discusses. 

1. Arrange the Wedding Party Properly - It’s important to think about where you are positioning different people in the wedding party for a group shot. 

2. Use an Off-Camera Umbrella Light - Reggie uses an off-camera umbrella light to light his group shots. 

3. Change the Color Temperature - Using color gels to adjust the temperature of the flash can make for a much more well-balanced shot. 

4. Use the Right Gear - Choosing the right pieces of gear is essential. For example, using the right master controllers for your flashes so that you can be flexible is essential. 

5. Use a Tripod - Reggie mentions that the more megapixels there are, the more “sensitive” the camera is to motion, so using a tripod is very important.

6. Pick Your Settings - Following on from using a tripod, it may be possible to achieve a slower shutter speed to deal with indoor lighting. 

7. Shoot in Raw Format - Using raw allows you to fine-tune your white balance later, thanks to the non-destructive element of this key camera format. Shooting in JPEG limits your options, but raw gives you a massive amount of flexibility in post.

We originally saw this video on PetaPixel


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