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4 Tips To Help You Take The Perfect Headshot

When someone needs their headshots taken, it is typically for a business reason and they expect the photos to look nice and professional. Actors and models need their headshots to help them look their best to get noticed by casting agents. Some people may be looking for a great shot to use on their business cards or their website or others for job interview purposes. Whatever the reason, they are looking to get the best possible shots. 

If you are a photographer that takes headshots, or you want to add that to your portfolio, here are 4 tips to help you take the perfect headshot for your clients. 

1. Get the right expression. 

Before you begin taking headshots of your client, you want to find out what the purpose of the photos are for. Do they need these for a business website or on their business cards? Perhaps it is a model who needs headshots for his or her portfolio. Whatever it is they need them for, you want to figure out what type of expression you need to capture in the pictures. If they need to be serious, try talking about a serious issue or if they need to have a happy expression, tell a joke so you can get a natural smile. 

Whatever you do, you want the subject to engage with the camera. The more expressive and animated a person's features are including their eyes, eyebrows and mouth, the more successful the portrait will be. 

Photo credit:  Peter Hurley

Photo credit: Peter Hurley

2. Find the person's best side. 

Once you start snapping photos, you want to have the client move their face one way, then the other, and in different angles so you can decide which is their 'best side' and will look the best. Sometimes the simple tilt of the head can make all the difference in showcasing their most attractive angle. 

3. Make sure their jawline is extended. 

No matter who it is you are shooting, make sure that they extend their jawline to create that longer look. If someone is standing normally with their head in a natural position with it slightly tucked down, it can create the look of a double chin, and that is something that no one wants to have in their photos. Without the jawline extended, you will get a more rounded face.

Photo credit:  Chris Gillett

Photo credit: Chris Gillett

4. Don't just use black backdrops.

Someone with dark hair or dark clothing can blend in with a dark or black backdrop so it is good to have other options readily available. White backgrounds are a great option as they can really make the person stand out - especially if they are wearing brighter colors that will pop on the white background. 

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