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Photographer Does Newborn Photoshoot... But With A Kitten!

A 30-year-old photographer from Benton Habor, Michigan, named Kitty Schaub, recently adopted a kitten named Luna with her 5-year old daughter. On April 24, Schaub was preparing for an upcoming newborn photoshoot by getting out a bunch of props she needed and was suddenly struck with a fun idea when she saw Luna sound asleep on the couch.

“I picked her up, loosely wrapped her in a blanket, and set her down,” Schaub said in an article on Huffington Post.

She began to take photos of Luna, treating her just like she would a newborn subject. The photos that came out are so cute! Take a look for yourself below.  

Schaub found the photos so hilarious she decided to post them to her professional Facebook page and they quickly went viral, receiving over 64,000 likes and 66,000 shares. 

Since so many people think Luna’s pictures are so great, Schaub decided to compile them in a June to December 2017 calendar, which is on sale for $20 on her website and all the proceeds will go to Save a Stray, an animal rescue in St. Joseph, Michigan.


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