long exposure photography

10 Awesome Long Exposure Shots

Long exposure photography creates an image that highlights the effect of passing time. The inclusion of motion, which is mostly shown through light, is the main factor that adds that uniqueness to this types of images.

We found these awesome long exposure shots on Bored Panda that we wanted to share with you today. From a ferris wheel to the milkyway in the sky, the photographers behind these shots did an amazing job showcasing these objects with the long exposure. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do! 

Departing Tram

Photo credit:  Viktor Varga

Photo credit: Viktor Varga

Milky Way That Looks Like Fractal Geometry

Photo credit:  Christian Sasse

Photo credit: Christian Sasse

Ferris Wheel Looks Like It Has Stained Glass

Photo credit:  Ayako Huzikawa

Photo credit: Ayako Huzikawa

Long Exposure Traffic Light

Photo credit: Lucas Zimmerman

Photo credit: Lucas Zimmerman

Fireflies In A Forest, Japan

Photo credit:  spicedpumpkins

Photo credit: spicedpumpkins

The Motions Of Canoers And Kayakers Revealed With LEDS In Long Exposure Photography

Photo credit:  Stephen Orlando

Photo credit: Stephen Orlando

Long Exposure Photo Of A Plane Taking Off

Photo credit:  hilltopchill

Photo credit: hilltopchill

Zoomed Out While Taking A Picture Of Christmas Tree

Photo credit:  bryce901

Photo credit: bryce901

Long Exposure of Fireworks

Photo credit:  Proteon

Photo credit: Proteon

Long Exposure Of Bugs Under A Streetlamp

Photo credit:  Tnargkiller

Photo credit: Tnargkiller

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