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Check Out This Mom Photographer Working While Carrying Two Kids

During a high school football game, photographer John F. Rhodes was shooting for the Dallas Morning News when he spotted something pretty cool. One of the photographers at the game was shooting with one kid strapped to her back, one strapped to her front, a DSLR in one hand, and a milk bottle in the other. Check out the photo below. 

Photo credit: John F. Rhodes/Dallas Morning News

Photo credit: John F. Rhodes/Dallas Morning News

The photographer he photographed has been identified as Melissa Wardlow, of Grand Prairie, Texas. who told the Dallas Morning News that she is no superwoman and that it was “just a normal day.”

Wardlow was shooting with her 3-year-old son Jordan on her back and was feeding her eight-month-old Addison on her front-side.

“I throw the kids on and away we go,” the 32-year-old Wardlow told the Dallas Morning News. “I started taking pictures before I had kids, and I was on the sideline when I was pregnant. It didn’t matter; I was on the sideline.”

Wardlow is now being praised far and wide for showing the kind of dedication that allows you to succeed as both a mother and a photographer. Here is a little bit more from Wardlow as she talks to Dallas Morning News:

Check out the original article on Dallas Morning News

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