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3 Important Factors When Opening A Natural Light Studio

Do you love photography but really want to have options when you are photographing different sessions? Perhaps you love shooting outdoors but also want to have a great place to go in case the weather is not ideal or you have a group who really wants a studio setting for their photos. You may want to think about opening a natural light studio. 

The Guide To Natural Light Studio Photography would be the perfect guide for you to read before you choose your studio location. It tells you everything you need to know about setting up and organize your own natural light studio. It will also give you tips on marketing your studio as well as information on having studio sessions. 


Today, we want to share with you 3 important factors to consider when you are thinking of opening a natural light studio that come straight from this guide. 

1. Location

The very first thing you need to do is figure out if you want to create a studio in your own home or if you would prefer to rent a location outside of your home to work. It really is up to you and your specific preferences. If you enjoy being able to stay at home and get your work done without going anywhere, then a studio space at home may be perfect. If you do not want to have to worry about working while your young children are around or your home simply does not have the space for a studio, you may prefer a location elsewhere. 

2. Comfort

You want to make sure your studio is comfortable. When you are shooting portraits, you will most likely have extra people there that have to wait or want to watch the photos being taken. Having a nice area to sit and relax that is out of the way is a great idea. You do not want your clients to feel uncomfortable or that they are getting in your way while you are trying to snap photos.

3. Lighting

Lighting is so important for your studio. Before you choose a space, especially if it is one in your home, you want to make sure you watch the lighting change in that space throughout the day to see how it changes because that will effect your photos. You want to see how it looks on a sunny day and cloudy days so you know what to expect in every type of light. But no matter what, your studio MUST have good lighting, especially if you are a natural light photographer.  


If you love these 3 tips and want to read about other great things to consider when creating your own studio as well as how to market your studio, selecting props, backgrounds and so much more, The Guide To Natural Light Studio Photography is for you! 





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