Want To Take Underwater Photos? Check Out This New Canon Housing From Nauticam

Do you love to take photos underwater? Perhaps you enjoy capturing amazing underwater life during your travels or you have a passion for taking photos of sharks or whales. Maybe you love taking unique portraits underwater. Whatever type of photos you take (or are interested in taking in the future) then you need to check out this great new underwater housing for the Canon from Nauticam

The new housing that Nauticam recently unveiled is for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. 

This new housing builds on the previous housing for the Mark III, but has improved access to controls and better ergonomics according to Nauticam. It is also a little lighter and more compact. The standard features include the company’s patented port locking system, a handy multi-controller pad and piano-style keys, and integrated vacuum monitoring and leak detection.

The housing also comes with dual Nikonos flash connectors as standard, and there’s an optional hotshoe-mounted TTL flash trigger, which provides for accurate automatic TTL flash exposure with Inon S-TTL and Sea & Sea DS-TTL strobes.

You can read even more about this product directly from Nauticam

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