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Google's Nik Collection Of Photo Editing Software is Now Free

Google just announced that they are making their Nik Collection of desktop photo editing software, that used to sell for $150, totally free! That's right... this software is now 100% free!

The Nik Collection has 7 desktop plug-ins that provide a wide range of features including mimicking the look of old cameras and films, retouching and correcting photos, darkroom retouching, adjusting color and tonality, HDR, image sharpening and noise reduction. The collection is for both Windows and Mac.

Back in September 2012 was when Google first acquired Nik Software and its Snapseed photo editing app. Then, in March 2013, after they killed off Snapseed for Desktop, they began selling the entire Nik suite for $150 - which was originally valued around $500. It is pretty awesome that you can now get a program that was once valued at $500 for FREE! 


Here is a quick video introduction to the Nik Complete Collection of software. Hear about the software features include noise reduction, optimizing color and contrast, stylizing images as well as sharpening an image for output. Check it out today to see if this free program is something that you would be interested in using or trying out. 

According to this article on PetaPixel, the entire collection was free to download on March 24, 2016 and if you spent money buying the collection before that date anytime this year, you will get a full refund of your purchase price which will be automatically issued very soon. 



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