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5 Tips To Take Great Photos With Your Phone

Technology today is pretty amazing and many photographers today are able to take awesome photography.... and all with their phone! If you love photography, but do not own a camera, you can still take great photos. Whether you take photos while on your commute to work, while outside exploring or even while traveling or hanging out at home with your family or friends, you want to be sure you know all the tricks to capture the best photos you can if you are using your phone. 

Check out these 5 tips below to help you take great photos with your phone.

1. Utilize natural light.

Natural light when taking photos with your phone is always best, especially for outside events. Aside from the obvious moments, such as night-time shoots, it’s best to utilize the organic light around you for the most authentic and untouched look. 

2. Be sure your shot is centered. 

Anytime you are taking a photo, you want to remember the rule of thirds to help you take amazing photos. (If you are not aware of the rule of thirds, it is when you align a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section). Most phones feature a grid tool option to display a subtle set of lines, allowing for a more balanced shot. If your phone isn’t equipped with a grid tool, there are plenty of apps that you can download to help you out.

Photo credit: OS X Daily

Photo credit: OS X Daily

3. Make sure you utilize the burst mode. 

It can be really frustrating to realize that if there was half a second more or less with shooting, the photo would have been just right. You can give yourself options with the burst mode that most phone cameras offer. This tool is very handy and allows for a rapid fire of pictures, making it opportune for people trying to capture action shots and shots while in a bumpier environment.

Grid lines are present in the iPhone camera app for a better aligning of vertical and horizontal angles to the image being clicked. You can toggle them by going to the Photos and Camera menu in the Settings App.

4. Try to move closer before using the zoom.

All phone cameras have the zoom option where you can drag your fingers closer together but doing so makes the quality of the shot decrease. Zoomed-in pictures can get fairly grainy, but if you move closer to the subject instead, you will find that provides much better clarity.

Photo credit: GizBot

Photo credit: GizBot

5. Look at your subject from a unique perspective. 

Feel like your photos are all starting to look the same? Switch it up with a new perspective. Stand on a chair, lay on the ground, or even shoot upside-down. A fresh take on even the most unassuming objects and places can create an entirely new attitude in your photos.

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