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7 Easy Steps To Improve Your Photography

Like we always say about anything in life, you always want to continue learning and growing. That goes for your photography as well. There are so many different things you can do if you want to keep improving your work. Read everything you can about your craft. (Here are a few books about photography that you could start with)! You could also take classes and you want to take photos all the time. 

Many people think that you can make your photos better with simply photo editing everything, but that is not all it takes. Editing is helpful when needed, but you want to shoot your photography as best as you can the first time. Here are 7 easy steps that can help you improve your photography skills that we found on Huffington Post

1. Read your camera's user manual.

Don't overlook your camera's user manual. It does contain a lot of information that is key to helping you make the most out of your camera and learn how to take the best possible photos you can. 

2. Apply what you read.

Once you read the user manual and hear about all the other great things your camera can do, go try it out and experiment with what you learned. 

Photo credit: StockSnap

Photo credit: StockSnap

3. Make the most out of what your camera can do! 

You do not need the most expensive camera out there to take the best photos... you just have to make the most out of the camera you have and what it can do. 

4. Use a tripod. 

Many people find that using a tripod can dramatically improve the quality of your photos. It can give you stability when shooting which in turn makes your images come out sharper and more balanced. Just be sure your tripod and camera are on a stable, flat surface because you do not want your photos to come out slanted. 

The photo to the right is a great and lightweight tripod that you may like. You can see more details on the product here

5. Use the edges of each element as a guide in framing your photo. 

To make your photos more balanced and visually appealing line up the edges of certain elements in the frame to create a pathway that leads to your subject. Aside from edges and lines, look for other interesting shapes, textures and patterns in the scene that you can use as a guide in framing your subject. 

6. Expose your work and photos to others. 

Attend exhibits, read about photography tips and tricks that other photographers have written or on sites such as Camera Giveaways and look at as much photography as you can. If you see a photo you like, make a note and then experiment on how you can recreate that particular style with your camera. 

7. Ask others for feedback on your work. 

Feedback from others can help you find out what you are doing wrong and what you need to improve. Whether you regularly talk with other photographers in your city, or you use photo sharing sites like Flickr where you can upload your photos for critiquing, getting that feedback will be so beneficial if you are looking to improve your work.


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