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Photographer Got His Girlfriend To Photograph Her Own Proposal Without Knowing It

As with any profession or hobby that you love, it is always a fun idea to incorporate your passion into your proposal. Che Birch-Hayes, a professional photographer, took his girlfriend to Nott Hill, in the Gower of South Wales, that had an incredible view of Three Cliffs Bay below. Without her even knowing it, he got her to photograph her own proposal! What amazing photos to keep forever and to share with their children one day! 

Here are the photos they captured. We hope you enjoy them!

The day of the planned proposal was beautiful. The sun was shining and Becky happily began capturing the beautiful scenery while Che was setting up several cameras. 

When Becky's hay fever began to kick in, she was having trouble focusing on taking photos, so he decided to pop the ring inside the camera viewfinder when she was not looking. She saw the object, and thinking it was something broken in their, opened it up and there was the ring! 

After the celebrated, he said to her, "you'v just been the second shooter at your own engagement!"

How special is this? Such a fun idea for a photographer to do as their proposal! 

Be sure to read Che Birch-Hayes' entire plan for his proposal in this article we found on PetaPixel. You can also see more of his photography on his website,

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