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Is Peace of Mind For Your Business Worth $21 a Month?

As a photography business owner, do you have good insurance that can protect you and your work? You want to have a plan that is simple, affordable and tailored to meet your business needs and Next Insurance does just that!

Next Insurance offers Professional Photographer Insurance with prices ranging from $21 - $42 a month! Each plan will give you piece of mind and help you focus on what you do best... taking amazing photos!

With a Next Insurance plan, you can show your client easily that you carry professional photographer insurance by quickly downloading their Certificate of Insurance that is online. They also offer a payment plan so you can keep your business running and insured at the same time - the payment plan does not cost you any extra! You can even cancel instantly online anytime! How simple is that?!?

See more about their Pro and Pro Plus plans here. 

All plans from Next Insurance include General Liability coverage; Pro Plus also includes equipment coverage. Here is a bit more about what is included: 

Equipment protection (Pro Plus Plan only)

This would be handy if you drop your lens while shooting on location and it cracks. Next Insurance will cover the replacement value, or the current cost to replace the lens. 

Injury to your client

If you are at a photo shoot with clients and your light stand falls and injures someone.... If that person sues, Next Insurance would cover it! 

Property damage

You may be having a photo shoot at a clients home and accidentally spill coffee on the clients expensive rug. If they end up suing you for damage, Next Insurance has you covered!

Medical payments

If someone gets injured while you are shooting, instead of suing you they want you to pay their medical bills. No problem... Next Insurance will cover it!