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In A Photography Rut? Here Are 5 Ways To Get Out!

Taking photos is something you love to do... whether you do it as a profession or hobby. Just like anything else in life, you can get into a funk and struggle to produce photos that are unique, different or even something you really are excited about. Don't worry... a photography rut can happen to the best of us. Writers get writers block, athletes go through rough times... but there is a way to break out of that photography rut that you find yourself in.

Here are a few ways to get out of your photography rut and start shooting the photos that you know you are capable of doing! 

1. Change It Up

Many times photographers tend to photograph what they know but that can get monotonous. Change it up and experiment with other subjects. If you shoot landscapes, try taking some portraits. If you are a wedding photographer, maybe test your skill photographing a sporting event. 

Photo credit:  Nomadic Matt

Photo credit: Nomadic Matt

2. Don't Stop Shooting

Just because you are in a rut, doesn't mean you should put your camera away and stop for a few days or weeks. You should actually do the opposite. Continue to bring your camera with you and find new things to photograph that happen in your every day life or travels. If you are having to take photos of the same type of subject you always do because of your profession, switch up those photos by experimenting with different camera settings, backgrounds or lighting. 

3. Find A Photography Group

Being around others who love the same things that you love can always bring inspiration and new ideas. Find a local photography group or plan a monthly get together with all of your photography friends who all love taking photos as much as you do. Different social media sites also have photography related groups that you could join. 

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

4. Purchase or Rent New Equipment

There is nothing like getting some new equipment to help increase your excitement! Anytime you get a new gadget, toy or technology, it is fun to test it out, play around with its different features and see what it can do. The same goes for a new camera, editing program, or any other type of photography related item. It is not always feasible to buy something new, so check out local rental shops. If you are looking for some great deals on new photography actions and presets, business tools and more, be sure to check out Photographer Candy!  

5. Do A Daily Photo Project

To make things a bit more interesting, having a project to work on will keep your mind going. We love the idea of a daily photo project. This type of project will make you take at least one photo a day and may get you to think outside of the box. Michael Pach is a photographer in Colorado Springs who did a photo project where he took a photo of the same tree every single day for a year and it is amazing how different each photo is. Read more about his tree photo project here.  


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