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5 Things To Remember For A Successful Mini Session

If you are a new photographer just starting out or been photographing for 25 years, you have most likely heard of mini sessions. All throughout the year photographers offer theses for various occasions, holidays or just because! 

Have you offered a few mini sessions but just not sure if you like them or not? Or, perhaps you have never offered your clients anything like that before because you would rather book a full session and wondering if it would pay off? Here are 5 things to remember if you are planning your own mini sessions to make sure they turn out a success for your business! 

1. Plan Ahead And Market Early

Make sure you set the days and specific times you will be offering your mini sessions way ahead of time. You want to give clients enough time to plan ahead - especially if you are doing holiday sessions. Once you set the date, start marketing your mini sessions to be sure and book each and every slot you have available. You want to make sure you are maximizing your time and getting totally booked since mini-sessions are less expensive. 

Also, keep in mind that if you are doing holiday mini sessions, each client may want to use their photos for their Christmas cards so you want to plan them with enough time to get them completed so they have time to get them out and printed.  

Photo credit:  The Milky Way

Photo credit: The Milky Way

2. Be Yourself

Just because you are doing a mini-session and not a complete engagement shoot or family portrait session, does not mean you can not be yourself. You may only have 30 minutes with the family or children, but do things just like you would for a typical photo shoot. Is there anything you like to find out about the family or children ahead of time, make sure you ask! 

3. Think About The Location and Props 

Depending on what time of year you are having your mini sessions, make sure you have a great location picked and fun props and items to include in the photos. If it is going to be an Easter session, perhaps have a basket of colorful Easter eggs, a bunny rabbit stuffed animal or a pretty Easter hat. Use pastel colors and keep it bright and light! If you are doing a holiday mini session, do the photos in a room with a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree or even think about having Santa make an appearance. 

4. Don't Count On Getting Tons of Print Orders

Many times with mini sessions, the client will most likely want to purchase just the images so they can print them all on their own time and cost. Do not get let down by this.... it is the norm. You may have someone who does want to pay you to print them for them, but it is not typical. 

Be sure you price your sessions as if no one else will buy any prints or custom orders for you. Then, be happy with that price. Perhaps you want to price your sessions out just for the 20 or 30 minute session and the digital files. Or maybe you want to only do 20 minutes, the digital files and 1 8X10 of their choice. It really is up to you, but just make sure you clear and upfront with your cost ahead of time. 

5. Remember That Mini Sessions Can Lead To More Work

Just because these are new clients and the sessions are very short, do the great work you know and love to do. You never know when a client from a mini session will pass along the word to a family member who is looking for a wedding photographer. That person may come back later and want to book a full session when they want their family portraits taken. 

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