Cameras Are Everywhere But Today's Generation Will Not Have Any Photos To Show For It

Everyone today has a camera... most people carry one around with them at all times on their phones. So many more people own DSLRs than we did 20 years ago and if not with one of those devices, they are pulling out a tablet or iPad to snap that perfect shot. People post selfies like crazy, use selfie sticks to capture photos that they were never able to do before and millions of photos are posted and shared on social media daily. I mean, we all remember how crazy popular the selfie Ellen DeGeneres had taken at the 2014 Oscars was. We are in a time where photos are EVERYWHERE.  

Photo credit:  Ellen DeGeneres

Photo credit: Ellen DeGeneres

But, with all the photos being taken and shared daily, today's generation - which is the most photographed by far than any other generation - will not have any photographs to look back on their memories 10 years from now. How sad is that? 

Remember when you were younger and you had your disposable camera that you had to take to get developed if you wanted to see your photos? Or, you had Polaroid camera that gave you the photo instantly - after shaking it of course! Technology is obviously so much better now than it was twenty years ago, but at least we all had copies of our photos to keep and put in albums to keep track of wonderful memories we had.

Now, photos are taken of EVERY single moment we have, whether it is a meal you cooked, a new outfit you are wearing, a great hairstyle, or even photos of your children. All of those are great moments to capture if that are what is special to you. The sad part is, when your phone photo storage is full, you will quickly delete a few (or hundreds!) to make room for more and right then, those special moments you have taken over the past few days, weeks or months are gone. Deleted with the click of a button. Digital images are just not important as the printed version once was and most people do not feel that the hundreds of photos they take each day are important enough to print and save forever. 

With technology changing and developing as fast as it is, it will not be long until the digital files you have on a hard drive or saved in the cloud will not be accessible. Who really knows when that day will come, but when it does, will you be happy with the amount of printed photos you have to remember those special moments? Whether it is your wedding day, children being born and growing through the milestones, holidays, vacations and everything else you will want to look back on as you get older... do you have all those special moments printed and put in a box or photo album to reminisce years from now? 

You may even go to a professional photographer to get family portraits done or senior photos of your teenager, but then all you do is pay for the disk of images. Then, what does that disk do? It sits on your desk because you never get around to having any of the files printed. Think about that disk and forward 15 years from now to 2030. Your children will want to see photos from your wedding day and when they were little. The disk is the only place those photos are, but there is now no way to view them since disk drives are no longer even made in computers or any of the technology of today. Bummer!  

Great ways to organize photos on

Great ways to organize photos on

There is nothing better than having a house full of photos of great memories all around. So make sure you take the time to go through your old photos now, have them printed, even if it is just one copy of each. Throw them in a photo box or separate them out into albums so you can easily look through them whenever you want to. If you don't, those photos could be lost forever. 

We hope these words will help everyone understand how important it is to print your photos, purchase wedding albums, and when your child has their school portraits taken, you actually buy the photos and not just a disk of the images. Memories are so important in life... after the event, memories are all you have and many times those memories fade. Having a photo is the one sure way to capture that moment so it is frozen in time. 

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