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4 Wedding Photography Mistakes You Want To Avoid

As a wedding photographer, you are responsible for capturing the precious moments between a couple's engagement and wedding day. They are looking to get the most amazing photos that they can, so they have something perfect to remember their day by. 

You want to make sure that you take the absolute best photos you can and need to remember you need to shoot those photos perfect the first time. Unlike portrait photography where you can take more time to shoot many different shots, at a wedding, everything continues on a schedule and you will not get a second chance! Sometimes, mistakes can be made that can create not so great photos and we want to make sure you do not make these mistakes! Today we want to share with you 4 mistakes wedding photographers can make that you want to make sure you do not to keep your clients happy customers. 

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

Photo credit: Deposit Photos

1. Not Thinking About The Background

There is so much going on during a wedding.... there are guests everywhere, people setting up and more. Whether you are capturing candid shots throughout the event, or have posed portraits of the bride and groom and their family and friends, you want to make sure you ALWAYS consider what is in the background of the photo. Angle your photos so they show off the beautiful wedding decor or make sure it is something that is not an eyesore that will take away from the shot. This is much easier to do when you are taking the portraits, because you can scout out the perfect location to take these photos, but you still need to keep the background in mind when you are snapping candid shots over the course of the wedding day just the same.

2. Squinting

Even though you want to capture many photos in the beautiful sunlight or in the gorgeous outdoor venue your couple has booked, you want to make sure you are not shooting in a spot where the sun is making everyone squint. Squinting does not look natural and the photos will show that so be sure to find outdoor locations that can showcase the sunlight but that is out of the direct sunlight. Perhaps under a nicely shaded tree or if you are in open space, be sure to face away from the sun. 

3. Not Having A Second Shooter

If you know ahead of time that the wedding is large and that you will be stretched thin to capture all the shots you will need to throughout the event, you want to make sure you are prepared with an assistant or second shooter to help you out. If you try and do the event on your own, there is chance you could miss some very important moments. Planning ahead when hiring a second shooter will make the process much easier. Here are 3 things you should think about when hiring a second shooter

4. Forgetting Those Little Details

A wedding day tells a wonderful story from the moment the bride wakes up and begins to prepare with her bridesmaids all the way to the moment the newlyweds leave together. Every single moment needs to be captured to make the photos tell the story of this special wedding day. Make sure you do not forget all the little details that make it as special as it is to the specific couple you are photographing. Perhaps their decor incorporates the military or other public service that one of them do for their career... be sure to capture that. Maybe the bride and her bridesmaids have a fun ritual they all do together because they have been best friends for years... try and get some great shots of them together. These little moments will be what make their wedding day special to them and should not be forgotten.

Do you not think you can capture every single moment on your own? Re-read number 3 and why it is important to have that second shooter to help you out! 


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