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3 Tips To Taking Great Wedding Photos In A Church

Weddings are such amazing events to photograph. You are documenting one of the most special days of the couples' life and you want to be sure you take the absolute best photos you can. But, the wedding goes by fast and you only get one shot to take those photos while the ceremony and reception are taking place so you have to do it correctly the first time. 

If the couple you are photographing are saying 'I do' in a church, you will find that the lighting can be tricky and many times it is darker than normal. This makes getting sharp and colorful images much more difficult. Using a flash during a wedding ceremony in a church is usually frowned upon and even if the couple doesn't seem to mind you using a flash, it can be very distracting and bad form. Remember, you are trying to stay in the background so you are not noticed while still capturing amazing photos. 

So, what can you do to make sure the ceremony photos turn out amazing even if there is low-light? Read below for 3 tips to taking great wedding photos in a church. 

Photo credit:  Cole Joseph Photography

1. Use A Full Frame Camera

A full frame camera will give you a better low-light performance and more quality images at higher ISOs. A larger camera sensor is able to capture more light in your photos than a crop-sensor camera. 

2. Use Settings For Low Light

Make sure that you manually change your camera settings to shoot in lower light. The ISO tells the sensor in your camera to be more sensitive to light so keep in mind the higher the number, the more sensitive to light it is. You want to try and keep your ISO as low as you can to make sure your photos look as clear as they can. You want to also remember to keep your shutter speed around 60 and your aperture at 2.8 or lower - these settings allow the most light in. 

3. Keep Your Camera Steady

You want to be sure during a low light wedding ceremony that you keep your camera as still as possible. One great way to do this is with a monopod which makes it easy to use and move around and not be noticed. 

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