This Motorcycle Surfing Shoot is Amazing!

When you see surfing photography, you really do not think you are going to see a motorcycle, but in this insane photo shoot, be prepared! DC Shoes partnered with Robbie Maddison, an Australian stunt bike rider, for their latest project called "Pipe Dream" and after 2.5 years finally photographed this amazing motorcycle surfing shoot!

During the years of preparation for the shoot, the team created a modified bike that has special fins for hydroplaning, a waterproof engine and custom rear tires.  Once the bike was created and the plan was made, Maddison took the modified dirt bike to Tahiti where he tested the waves with motorcycle surfing. 

We originally found these photos on Peta Pixel and were just blown away... so we thought you may be too! All photos you see below are from DC Shoes

You can also check out this short video from DC Shoes that shows all about the making of "Pipe Dream." Also, be sure to check out more of the photos from the shoot on the Pipe Dream photo gallery on DC Shoes. Enjoy! 

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