Check Out This Time-Lapse Showing How Light Pollution Affects How We See The Night Sky

The night sky is truly a beautiful thing, but in many places around the world, light pollution can affect the way we actual see it. It is truly sad that many of us do not get to see a beautiful night sky like the one below in the photo. To be able to look up and see all the millions of the stars overhead and the milky way, shows how unique and beautiful our world is. 

Photo credit: Jonathan Sander via  Bored Panda

Photo credit: Jonathan Sander via Bored Panda

To see the extreme difference of seeing a night sky without light pollution like in the photo above and seeing one with it is so different. Photographer Sriram Murali created a video that will help show the difference in his new time-lapse project.  The work is titled “Lost in Light,” and it shows different locations with progressively lower levels of light pollution.

The project follows the Bortle scale of light pollution, which measures the brightness of the night sky. Class 8 and 9 are given to very bright city skies and inner-city skies, and Class 1 designates the darkest skies on Earth.

This time-lapse was shot mostly in California and you will see how the view gets better as you move further away from the lights. 

Murali said, “finding locations to shoot at every level of light pollution was a challenge and getting to the darkest skies with no light pollution was a journey in itself.”

We hope you enjoy his film below. 

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