8 Tips To Photographing Flowers

There is so much beauty found a bouquet of beautiful red roses or a huge field of colorful wildflowers. Flowers can bring a smile to so many people's faces and there is nothing like having a gorgeous photo of a flower to brighten up a room. Do you love photographing flowers? If so, we have put together these tips to help you out! 

1. Your Location Is Not THAT Important

You may think you need to travel across the world to find stunning florals to photograph, but that is simply not the case. Be observant around where you live. Go exploring in the forest. Take a walk in your neighborhood. You never know what type of beautiful flowers you will find. Since you love flowers already, perhaps you have a garden in your yard that you could take various shots of. Flowers can truly be found anywhere, so get out and start shooting! 

2. Use A Unique Perspective

Capturing a flower at your own level all the time would make things a bit boring. Make sure you try different perspectives so you can get a unique photo. Try getting up higher or down lower or at different angles to help make the photo interesting. Keep in mind the sunlight and any other background you may want in the picture and just try to experiment in many different ways to see what photos and methods you like the best. 

Photo credit: Ichiro Kishimi via flickr

Photo credit: Ichiro Kishimi via flickr

3. Do Not Clutter The Background

You want to keep your subject isolated. Having too many distractions in the background of the photo can be an eye sore and cause the person viewing the photo to wander away from the beauty of the flower. 

4. Step Back And Look At The Big Picture

Even though we mention above that it is good to keep your subject isolated, you may want to focus on a group of flowers that are side by side, or even an entire field filled with bright yellow sunflowers. Sometimes if you step back and take in more of the big picture, rather than just focusing on that one flower, you may find a beautiful scene that you may have missed otherwise.  

Photo credit: IncredibleSnaps.com 

Photo credit: IncredibleSnaps.com 

5. Watch Out For Any Wind

Having the flower blowing in the wind could disrupt you capturing that photo, so be sure that you block any wind there is. You can sometimes block the wind by the way you are positioned with your camera. Other things that may do the trick would be by using something simple like an umbrella or piece of wood to block. 

6. Shoot As Close As Possible

With all of the tiny details that a flower has, you want to get as close as possible when you take the photo. It is important in capturing every particular and small detail. One great way to do so is by using a macro lens on your camera. The macro lens allows you to get really close and still allow you to focus on the flower. Here is a great macro lens by Canon you may like. 

Photo credit: Gary* via flickr

Photo credit: Gary* via flickr

6. Remember What Sunlight Is Generally Best

It is typically best to use the sunlight in the morning just before and right after the sunrise or just before and right after the sunset for your photos. But, you never know how the sun will be that day so you have to play it by ear each and every day. There may be shadows around the flowers because you are in the woods around many large trees or perhaps it is a very overcast day. While planning out your shoot, make sure you think ahead of the weather and time to consider what the lighting situation will be so you can take the best photos possible. 

7. Think Outside The Box

You do not always have to take a photo of the entire flower. Maybe try shooting one pedal of the flower, or the stem and leaves. Thinking outside of the box; taking photos that are different and unique will make for some really cool shots. A shot like that will help make the viewer curious about what else there may be to the photo and it will certainly get their imagination working. 

Photo credit: Irene gr via flickr

Photo credit: Irene gr via flickr

8. We Love Sun-Kissed Photos

If you are shooting in the sun, it may be fun to use the light to your advantage. Creating a photo with a sun-kissed looked can be simply stunning. 

We hope these 8 tips have been helpful for you! If you loved these, be sure to check out a few others that may be helpful. 

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Do you have any other awesome tips for photographing flowers? We would love to hear your great ideas below!