5 Year Old Photographer Who Has More Than 140,000 Instagram Followers!

This 5 year old is Hawkeye Huey. His dad, Aaron Huey, a National Geographic photographer, started making his way around the West Coast in 2014 and wanted to share the fun with his son, who was 4 at the time. He bought Hawkeye a Fuji Instax camera and loved seeing his son's perspective with the things he photographed. 

Now, Hawkeye has more than 139,000 followers on an Instagram account run by his father and he is now represented by National Geographic. They also started raising money through Kickstarter to help Hawkeye publish his first book. The fundraiser is complete and they raised well over their initial goal of $35,000.  

Huey shared some of his best shots with Business Insider and we wanted to share them here for you all to see the unique perspective of this 5 year old! 

The father and son traveled from Seattle to the Salton Sea in southern California. Their goal was to build and sleep in blanket forts in the desert. They went to rodeos, climbed mountains and visited Native American markets. 

Huey posted one photo of his son with his camera and his followers wanted to see more but he did not want to flood his account. It was actually National Geographic who suggested to start a separate account for Hawkeye, and by the end of the first day, 10,000 people had started following him. You can follow his work on Instagram @HawkeyeHuey

Huey said that what makes Hawkeye's images so special is "one of the most obvious things about them is that they are from 3 feet off the ground. It is an angle no one ever sees."

Here are a few of Hawkeye's photos. 

After Hawkeye had taken about 500 photos, his dad felt there were enough for a book, so he organized the best shots. By the time he turned 5, Hawkeye had taken almost 1,000 photos. 

Be sure to read more about their journey, some of their favorite stops and things they photographed on the original article in Business Insider

What do you think of this boy's work? Tell us below! 

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