This Couple Was Looking For Wedding Photography In Exchange For Instagram Publicity

As we have said time and time again, social media is important for marketing your photography business in today's technology driven world. But, some things take it a little too far in our opinion! 

A young couple in the Chicago area decided they wanted to find a photographer to shoot their wedding in exchange for Instagram publicity. The couple's Instagram has over 17,600 followers.

Like this article in PetaPixel mentions, there are many times when there are big events that will be hugely publicized in the media realm who are looking for "sponsors" for the event in exchange for that awesome publicity. That makes sense.... when you and your business will truly get something out of the amount of work put in.    

Photographer Kate Hailey saw the couple's post and decided to comment. In one of her quotes she said "it is highly offensive to think, much less ask, for people to provide you with goods and services for free. Do you actually think you are special or any different than any other couple because you have followers on Instagram?" 

Here is her full response in the image below. 

Definitely an interesting request and the original listing has been deleted since it was flagged by other Craigslist users. 

What are you thoughts on this request? We would love to hear below in the comments section. 

Marketing in today's busy technology driven world is so important and helps you succeed... but there is no need to just give your work away like this couple is asking for someone to do. With proper marketing of your products, your business will soar! 


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