Is It Time To Update Your Camera? The Nikon D820 or D900 with 72MP Sensor Is Coming!

Are you a Nikon user and just love your D800 or D810 but are in need of an upgrade? If you are in need of a replacement, but have been waiting for Nikon to release its next camera... and the wait is almost over! According to an article we saw on PhotographyTalk, the new will be coming out soon but the date is still unknown.

In their article, PhotographyTalk said, "The rumor mill is in full swing regarding what Nikon has coming. Something with a 72-megapixel sensor, sure would be nice, though it’s not a guarantee."

The name of the new camera might be the D820, the D850, the D900, or could even be something else totally. But based on the current competition out there today - as well as the past Nikon models that are so popular - this new camera will very likely have outstanding features to go along with it.

Nikon has a pattern of when they have introduced their new camera models in the past and they tend to come out every two year. Based on that, PhotographyTalk assumes that the Nikon D810 replacement will be available for purchase very soon. There has been no official release date announcement from Nikon. 

PhotographyTalk said, "with Canon unveiling the 5DS and 5DSR which both have a 50.6-megapixel sensor and Sony unveiling the A7R II with a 42.4-megapixel sensor, it’s reasonable to assume that Nikon wants to take the megapixel war to the next level. One rumor that seems persistent is that the D820/D850/D900 will have a sensor with an incredible 70-80-megapixels!"

This is all very exciting for anyone who is in the need for a new camera or who has been patiently waiting to upgrade their Nikon D810. For even more detail, check out the original article on PhotographyTalk

What are your thoughts on the rumors of Nikon's newest camera? Are you excited for it? Tell us below!


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